Development team

This Grace Realty Group Business Development team will evaluate new investment projects to generate recurring, high-margin revenue successfully for the team and their family. For example, this will include in-house financing, rehabs, multi-family, new construction, rental portfolios, commercial, tiny home communities, and apartment complexes!
This will enable us to create inventory for our clients and also profit as investors and Realtors all at the same time!

Steven D. Bennett

president & CEO of ath Group of companies

steven bennett

STEVEN D. BENNETT is the President and CEO of the ATH Group of Companies: ATH Properties, L.L.C., ATH Construction Services, L.L.C. and ATH Consulting Services, L.L.C., and is a licensed Real Estate Agent as well.

Glyne Worrell

Realtor/Attorney/business development partner

glyne worrell

Glyne Worrell has been in the real estate, financial services and legal industries for over 25 years. In 2018, he expanded his practice by providing an additional resource to his clients as a real estate professional with Keller Williams Central His hard work and true passion for his clients have helped Glyne’s reputation as an outstanding qualified RealtorĀ® glyne’s prior experience includes working as a real estate & finance attorney and a areal estate lender. Currently, he enjoys working with residential buyers. sellers, and investors, and commercial real estate clients.

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