Home Maintenance Tips

How Long Do Home Systems and Appliances Last? A Homeowner’s Guide on the Average Life Expectancy of Major Appliances

Every homeowner is faced with a huge truth: their home's systems and appliances don’t last forever. Every major appliance has an average life expectancy, although it depends greatly on its usage and maintenance. And with many of us spending more time at home in recent years due to the pandemic, extra use may shorten their lifespan even more. Once their parts stop working, they’re bound to require...


Everyone loves a shiny hardwood floor, but there are a variety of daily activities that can cause wear and tear, such as moisture imbalances, pet claws, and common foot traffic. To keep that attractive sheen you love, it’s incredibly important to keep up regular, proper maintenance. Wood has a tendency to expand and shrink depending on the moisture level, so if there are high levels of humidity in...

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