Getting Started

Congratulations on becoming a part of an esteemed team! With your skills and expertise, we know you will be a valuable asset to Grace Realty Group. Together we will accomplish the unaccomplished. We are looking forward to you bringing many creative ways to incorporate your experience to improve the team. You are working with several highly-driven individuals who take ‘out-of-the-box’ to another level. Listed below are several things that we offer you on this team:


250 business cards

GRG T-Shirt

GRG  business email

Liondesk CRM w/Video marketing system

Buyer/Seller SOI marketing campaigns

GRG Realtor’s Development Book

Tom Ferry training and more

Marketing Templates

GRG Note Cards

Build Your Sphere of Influence

The more people you have in your Sphere of Influence, the more business and referrals you will see. Be sure to hand out business cards to virtually everyone you know, then meet more people and hand out more cards. Add family, friends and associates to your contacts list. Add all of them to your Liondesk  where you can send them text messages, videos and much more!

Add your contacts to Liondesk

The first step to engage your leads is to upload your contacts. Before you upload, you will need to organize your contacts in a CSV file. See video tutorial on Uploading your contacts. For additional assistance, you can set up a One on One training with Admin (Dainty).

This Video will show you how to upload your CSV file into your Liondesk system.

LionDesk Training

The only CRM you will ever need. By now you should have received your credentials to your new Liondesk account and your contacts uploaded into the system, but there is much more to cover. Click the button below to begin training!

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