Selling Your Home in a Low Inventory Market

The housing market has proven its resilience over the years. A decade ago it had hit rock bottom with prices falling to historical lows. This housing crash is now a distant memory as prices have steadily increased over the last five years.

With a strengthening economy, rising employment figures and low interest rates buyers are flooding the market that has too few homes to sell. This low inventory has many causes and includes: homeowners who prefer to renovate rather than move, baby boomers who have decided not to downgrade, decreased development of new homes, distressed properties converted by investors into rentals and millennial buyers purchasing their first homes.

There are sellers who are been driven to sell by the tax changes which will be implemented in the 2018 tax year. They are trying to stay within the deductible tax limit on their mortgage interest and in areas with lower property taxes.

If you are looking for a quick sale in this seller’s market, then keep the following in mind:

• Spring and early summer is an optimal time to sell

• Consult with your agent to ensure that you price your home correctly; an overpriced home can stagnate on the market

• A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is the best way to find the true worth of your home and how to best market it

• Even though there is a demand for homes remain practical about what your home will sell for, according to your area

• Tackle any touch ups and make sure that your home is tidy

• Stage your home to make it appealing to prospective buyers

I offer thorough valuation estimates, strong marketing strategies, and a keen eye for the local home selling climate. Think of me as your trusted REALTOR® for your next home sale.

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